Pet Chicken 'Terrorized Locals' In Srithammarat

(6 June) After a dog in
Ayutthaya province rescued
an abandoned baby girl
,another astonishing pet story comes from Nakorn Srithammarat province
where a chicken guards its owner′s house like a guard dog.

The pet chicken belongs to
Mr.Wittiyakorn Chanpen, 42, and is large with yellow feathers. As our correspondent approached the
house, the chicken raced to meet the reporter and crowed loudly in front of the house. The chicken
almost chased away the reporter when Mr. Wittiyakorn intervened.

Mr.Wittiyakorn said that he
bought the chicken from the market – he bought 3  of them for only 20 baht. Today, the chicken
is now 3 years old, and the 2 that came along with it have since died.

The chicken coop was
constructed for the 3 chicken, he said, but this particular one would not go in, and just slept in
front of the house. When a stranger approached, the chicken would crow loudly and chase people,
causing injury in some cases. Many were so frightened they ran away, according to Mr.

Some neighbors are afraid to come near our house nowadays, Mr. Wittiyakorn