Colonel Shot Dead For 'Not Attending Birthday Party'

(9 June) A high ranking
Army officer was reportedly shot dead by his brother-in-law who was upset the dead man didn?t
show up at his birthday party.

Police received report about the crime around 00.30 and
rushed to the scene at a house at Soi Jaransanitwong 23, Bangkok. At the scene, the officers found
scattered liquor bottles and dishes of food. They also retrieved 4 handgun bullet cases.

Questioning revealed that Maj. Saksith Yaowarat, 49, who taught at Royal Thai Army College,
was wounded at his arm, cheek, foot, and neck in the shooting. He was brought to hospital by his
friends but did not make it.

Witnesses told police that Maj. Saksith was drinking with his
friends at his house when his brother-in-law Mr. Nirut Rordraksa, 36, walked in. Maj. Saksith asked
Mr. Nirut to join him, but Mr. Nirut was in bad mood, according to witnesses. He reportedly asked
Maj. Saksith why he did not show up at his birthday party, and Maj. Saksith said he was too busy to

However, Mr. Nirut left for a while and came back later with a handgun, then he shot
Maj. Saksith and fled away, according to witnesses.

Later, police arrested Mr. Nirut and
brought him to police station for interrogation. Mr. Nirut told police he was upset that Maj.
Saksith refused to attend his birthday party but had the mind to drink alcohol with other people, so
he shot Maj. Saksith out of anger.

Police charged Mr. Nirut with premeditated murder.