Insufficient Water Delays Kalasin Rice Farming Season

(18 June)
Despite ongoing rainy season that dampens much of the nation, Kalasin province is facing shortage of
supply of water needed for agricultural works.

Report says that farmers in the 300,000 rai
rice farming economy area which spans 5 districts of the province still have not begun farming,
even though the season for rice farming has already arrived. Our correspondent said many farmers had
only ploughed their soils so far.

The reason for their delay is the lack of water. Lam Pao
Water Distribution and Conservation reservoir still has not opened its sluices for the farmers this
year. Mr. Piyapanya Pukwanmuang, director of the reservoir, told our correspondent that its decision
is based on the need to preserve the emergency water,
as the canals in the area are experiencing unseasonal

The level of water in reservoir stands at 14% of its full capacity, Mr.
Piyapanya added.

He said farmers should follow reports on water and climate very closely, and
warned that they should not start farming the rice yet, lest the practice would cause massive water
shortage in the province.