Lotto Winner Monk Says He Wants To Meet His American Dad

Phra Kajornwat's relatives celebrating the news at his house

(18 June) Reports emerged
that 2 monks in Pattaya separately won a total sum of 44 million baht in lottery payout.

Phra (monk) Kajornwat, 23, won 6 million baht while the other 38 million baht went to
another monk who did not want to be identified by name. Both monks reside at Dharmsamakkee Temple in
Banglamung district. The winning number was 289673.

Phra Kajornwat told reporters that he has
been ordained since 16 June. Before his ordination, he helped his 50 year old mother Ms. Nadda
Wiparattanakorn run their small ′steak? diner called ?Beau Steak? in South Pattaya. The diner was
named after his nickname, Beau.

The young monk said he decided to be ordained for 15 days
(brief monkhood is very common in Thailand) because he wanted to make good karma for his mother as
token of his filial gratitude. Previously, he registered for the military service but did not make
the cut.

As for the winning lottery, Phra Kajornwat told reporters that he bought the lotto
in the temple just a day before his ordination. He said he was helping the monks in their daily
chores at the time. He recalled that another monk also bought many pairs of lottery which bore the
same number.

He said he already deposited the prize money in his bank account. The monk told
reporters that he would use the money to pay his mother′s debt and buy a house for his mother so she
won?t have to rent the house anymore. He expressed his wish to donate the money to orphanage owned
by the Redemptionist Foundation as well.

The millionaire monk said he sometimes felt like an
orphan himself, too, because he never met or knew his father. His father was described to be a
certain Mr. James D. Backet, an ex GI who was stationed in Pattaya around 20 years ago. Phra
Kajornwat said his father left his mother for the US when he was 6 years old, and they never got in
touch with him again.

If it′s possible I?d like to meet my father just once so I can ask
about so many things, Phra Kajornwat said.

confirmed the other monk who bought the same lottery number as he did has indeed won 38 million
baht, but said that he did not want to be identified by name. This monk has also fled the temple,
our correspondent added.