Viral Ad Campaign Lands Thai Star In Trouble

After the spreading of the video clip, in which the famous
actress Susharat ‘Aom’ Manaying has angrily shouted at her fans during the filming of a show in a
shopping mall, Aom has recently spoken out and apologised.

The video was
later revealed to be a viral advertisement campaign. It is understood that the clip would be
included in advertisement for candy bars Snickers. Snickers commercial has previously featured
seemingly angry celebrities.

However, the revelation came after Aom was
already widely criticized by many who mistook her acting to be genuine gesture of rude

On her Instagram page, Aom cited that she and other actors
wanted to apologise. The event was part of the acting and she was very sorry she may have been over
acting. She was too excited as there were many people around and begged us not to be mad at

On Monday, she later declared on “Tuen Ma Kui” (Wake Up Talk) on
MCOT Channel 9 that she was sincerely sorry and thank you for all the supports from her
When the host asked if she knows the clip would be released on the
internet. Aom replied “Yes, because viral advertisement is aimed to be on the internet. However, I
do not know about the editing and the releasing processes in details. I?ve talked to the production
team and they have been supportive. I am sorry that I did not think of the fans? feelings

“I heard of the negative responses and I was upset about it,
because since I have been working as an actress, I have never face any issue that I have to get
myself ready”

Once asked about her future career, Aom replied that “I may
be more cautious before taking another offer. I must consider what really suits me. However, this
event has made me realise how nice my fans were, they were all protective and love me. I support
them and they support me too.”

In an interview, Aom also insisted that she
cannot measure feelings with money. “In fact, I cannot really be determined about the money figure,
but about feelings, it is quite sensitive for many people”

“(Teary eyes) I
will feel bad if I have made other people feel bad”