Pitsanulok 'Thief' Falls Asleep During House Burglary

(16 July) Police arrested
a suspect as he was sleeping in a building that was reportedly the target of his burglary attempt in
Pitsanulok province.

Mr. Somsak Sangchandra, 47, the owner of the building in Muang District, which
he operated as a One Tambon One Product (OTOP) store, said he went up to the rooftop to feed the
cats in the morning and found a man sleeping in the corridor, so he called the police to investigate
the scene.


The police arrested the man and later identified him as Mr. Saksithi
Suwiset, 27.
  When they told Mr. Saksithi he was under arrest, he
was still half asleep and did not recognise what was happening.

Later, Mr. Saksithi
told police he had broken into the building earlier. That time, he said, he went into Mr. Somsak′s
bedroom, lied on his bed and watched TV before stealing  two money boxes and spent the money on
computer games at an internet cafe.


In his latest
incursion, according to the suspect, he suddenly fell asleep as he entered Mr. Somsak′s store via
the rooftop
from the next building.

Mr. Saksithi said that he had been drinking before
the burglary attempt, which was why he fell asleep in the building.