Man Arrested For Hiding Drugs In 'Sergeant Stand Still'

'Sergeant Stand Still' guarding a road

(5 August) Chonburi police arrested a man who hid narcotics inside a ceramic figure imitating the larger traffic police officer commonly seen on Thailand′s roads.

Known as ′Sergeant Stand Still′ (จ่าเฉย), the models stand guard in corners and intersections to act like a traffic police scarecrow, deterring drivers from committing illegal overtaking or turns, as many drivers often mistake the ′Sergeant′ for actual traffic police officers.

The arrest in Chonburi′s Mueang District demonstrates that the Sergeant can also be used to store narcotics. 



Mr. Namchoke Srihongsa was spotted behaving suspiciously in his neighbourhood by police patrols, and ran inside his house when he realised the police were watching him. The officers ran after him and searched his home, but found nothing suspicious at first. 

However, an officer noticed the small saluting ′Sergeant Stand Still′ ceramic figure and proceeded to inspect it, which revealed a number of illegal substance.

Mr. Namchoke confessed to possessing the narcotics, stating that he had bought the drugs from a woman in Chonburi province to sell it to a third party. He told the police he was very new to the business and failed to control his nerves when he noticed the police on the road.