Officials To Rein In Illegal Van After Numerous Crashes

(28 August) In the wake
of the van accident which killed 9 victims in Chachoengsao Province, the Department of Land
Transport promised a more serious curb on vans that pick up passengers without proper license like
the one involved in the latest fatal crash.

Illegally-operated vans have also made news in
the past for their frequent accidents.

Mr. Jiruth Visanjitr, Director General of Department
of Land Transport, said the department will toughen the law enforcement on these vans, to be in
accordance with Transport Minister Chatchart Sitthiphan’s instruction.


Working in
collaboration with the Transport Company and Bangkok Mass Transport Authority (BMTA), Mr. Jiruth
told our correspondent he had ordered his officials to submit a report within one month, regarding
the number of registered and unregistered vans in service in the Metropolitan area.

report will also look at the numbers of passengers who take these vans, he said, and the Ministry
will proceed to bring the unregistered vans under official regulation if it is proven that they
service a large share of passengers on the roads.

That would mean there have been too few
registered vans to meet the passengers? demands, Mr. Jiruth explained.

The license will come
with stringent safety measures, such as a course on public safety for the vans? staff and a
bi-annual vehicle check-up, according to Mr. Jiruth.

The director said that this would force
the ghost minivans to comply with the regulation issued by Transport Ministry. Since the beginning
of 2013, the police have made over 2,500 arrests over these illegal vehicles, Mr. Jiruth told our

Furthermore, the Ministry is planning to install a device on the vans to
control speed limit and monitor their locations.


The latest fatal minivan accident happened
earlier this week when the crowded van crashed into the 18-wheeler truck, causing 9

The deceased victims? family will be paid 400,000 for compensation, while the other
injured victims will receive financial support during their stays at the hospital.

Rueangsak Mahavinigchaimontri, Chacheongsao Governorm visited the wounded today and also urged the
provincial transport authority to curb on the illegal van services.