Businessman Seeks Son-in-Law – For 10 Million Baht

Arnon Rodthong and his daughter Karnsita Rodthong

CHUMPHON — Urgently seeking: a prospective husband for a millionaire’s daughter. Reward: 10 million baht, paid to the successful applicant.

An owner of a major durian distributor invited Thai bachelors across the internet Monday to offer themselves as candidates to take his daughter’s hand in marriage. Higher education was not among the desired qualifications, Arnon Rodthong said, adding that he just wants a hardworking and reliable man for his youngest daughter, 26.

“I want someone to take care of my business and make it last,” said Arnon, whose Chumphon-based durian distributor is among the region’s largest. “I don’t want a person with a bachelor’s, or master’s or philosopher’s degree. I want a diligent man … I just want someone with a hard-working attitude. That’s all.”

He also promised a cash reward of 10 million baht to the successful candidate. Arnon first posted his offer online over the weekend, generating much interest and doubts from skeptical netizens. In an interview with the media today, the businessman insisted he means it, and he even teased at an even bigger incentive.


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Karnsita Rodthong

“As soon as I have an in-law, I will give up all my assets to him!” Arnon said.

Reports say Arnon’s durian firm buys about 40 tons to 50 tons of fruit from farmers in Chumphon, Songkhla and Yala a day. His company also owns real estate property.

The potential bride in question, Karnsita Rodthong, said she’s amused by her father’s quest. Although Arnon set the qualifications for the in-law candidate, Karnsita said the final decision would be up to her.


“At first I was surprised, but then I felt it was funny,” Karnsita, who also works at her father’s durian firm, told reporters today. “My dad wishes well for me. He wants my husband to have the same personality as my brothers, which is a good, diligent man who loves his family.”

She also joked that the money might not even reach the groom.

“I’m going to keep the 10 million baht. I might use some of it to have plastic surgery in Korea!” she said, laughing.