2019 Winter Will be Colder and Longer, Met Says

Tourists at Doi Inthanon National Park on Oct. 15, 2019.
Tourists at Doi Inthanon National Park on Oct. 15, 2019.

CHIANG MAI — Temperatures at the country’s highest peak dropped to single digits on Tuesday morning just as officials say the rest of Thailand will enter winter on Thursday.

Tourists at the summit of Doi Inthanon were excited to feel the breeze as temperatures stood at 5C this morning. Temperatures in other areas of Chiang Mai and the country’s northern reaches plunged to 20C to 22C due to high pressure front moving in from China, according to the Meteorological Department.

Top state meteorologist Phuwiang Prakhammin said on Sunday that this year’s winter will be colder and longer than last year. He expected the cool season to last for approximately 122 days until mid-February, with average lows of 20C to 21C nationwide throughout the entire season.

Temperatures in Chiang Rai, Nan, Nakhon Phanom, and Sakon Nakhon are expected to drop as low as 7C to 8C, while Bangkok will reach 15C to 17C from Dec. to Jan. – with any luck. However, the southern provinces will continue to be hit with heavy rains until December.

Throughout this week, rainfalls are still expected in most provinces of the country, a weather pattern which signals a transition between seasons. Sailors in the Gulf of Thailand should be watchful as the waves will be up to two meters high.

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