PATTAYA — Chonburi immigration police said Tuesday they arrested seven foreigners in the province’s tourist areas for prostitution.

Three Egyptians, two Uzbeks, and two Ugandans were arrested as part of an anti-human trafficking and prostitution operation that ran from Sept. 24 until Monday, Police Col. Sampan Luangsajjakul of Chonburi Immigration police said.

“All of them had previous histories of prostitution, so we arrested them,” a police officer at the press conference said.

The women have had their visas revoked and are awaiting deportation.


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Police also arrested a 31-year-old Thai woman for advertising photos of the women on the street, asking for people to solicit them in prostitution. She would get a cut of their 4,000 to 5,000 baht price.

Speaking at the news conference, a policeman said that due to the “increasing amount of Ugandans in the area, there is also increasing demand for black-skinned prostitutes rather than white-skinned ones.”

Thai police have been known to frequently arrest dark-skinned foreigners for visa violation charges, especially in their periodic Operation “X-Ray Outlaw Foreigner” raids (previously called “Operation Black Eagle,” an operation that mostly targeted “colored people”).

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