Thailand to See a Stormy Non-Songkran Amid Rising Temperatures

Rain on April 13, 2020 in the Lat Phrao area.

BANGKOK — As if the coronavirus outbreak, cancellation of Songkran festivals, and nationwide booze ban weren’t enough to dampen spirits, Thailand will also see a few days of summer showers and thunderstorms.

The first rainy days since early November are ahead as well as climbing temperatures. 

“The rain we’re seeing now should last only two to four days before we’re back to our normal hot temperatures again,” Seree Supratid, director of the Climate Change & Disaster Center at Rangsit University said.

He continued, “Then the cycle begins again, of hot temperatures and followed by cool-downs from summer storms. It’s unstable. Each of the showers won’t be very long either, about an hour or so.” 


Bangkok will see lows of 25C and highs of 35C as well as a 30 percent chance of rain through Tuesday, with a decreased chance of 10 percent through Sunday. 


Provinces in the north and east should see higher chances of rain – 40 percent through Tuesday and 20 percent through Sunday, with highs of 37C to 38C. Isaan sees a 20 percent chance through Sunday and highs up to 39C. 

The central provinces should see a 30 percent chance of rain through Tuesday before dropping off to 10 percent through Sunday, but temperatures may climb as high as 40C. 

Finally, the southern provinces along the Gulf of Thailand will see as much as a 40 percent chance of rain through Wednesday and 20 percent chance through sunday, with highs of 36C. Areas along the Andaman Sea should see a 20 to 30 percent chance through Sunday and highs of 35C.