Minister Suggests Launching ‘Thaiflix’ to Counter Netflix

Thai shows in Netflix.

BANGKOK — The cyber minister said Wednesday that Thailand should have its own streaming platform to bring in revenues, and promote Thai films overseas. 

Digital Economy and Society Minister Puttipong Punnakan said Wednesday at a forum that creating a Netflix-like platform to stream and sell Thai films and series to foreign audiences would reel in some sweet, sweet subscription baht into the country.

“Why doesn’t Thailand have a Thai social media or online services platform of our own? We’re always using foreign ones, sending advertising revenue and online shopping revenue overseas,” Puttipong said. 

He also said that the government would help support the promotion of the entertainment sector, much like South Kroea. 


“If Thailand can assemble some good content, then we can export it in the same way South Korea does,” Puttipong said. “Team Thailand will consist of the private sector as well as the supporting government.” 

The California-based streaming giant Netflix, popular among middle-class Thais, has a wide range of Thai movies and series, as well as Thai-language series produced by Netflix. 

Whether a Thai version of the platform would succeed remains in doubt, as the Thai government isn’t known for their savviness in creating popular mass media. 

During his junta years, Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha’s weekly channel reached record lows in viewership. A government-sponsored film promoting “12 Values” preached by Gen. Prayut was also derided on social media. 

A political party even publicly denounced Netflix billboard ads of its “Sex Education” show, to the mockery of youths across the country. 

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