Ai Hia! Monitor Lizard Invades Temple, Crowd Goes Wild (Video)

The monitor lizard at large in Wat Lo Sutthawat on Sept. 7, 2020, left, before rescue workers tie it up and spot lucky lotto numbers on his belly.

ANG THONG — A reptilian pariah invading a holy place in the dark of Monday night was seen by some Ang Thong locals as an absolute win. 

Monks at Wat Lo Sutthawat called rescue officials for help after the monitor lizard entered temple buildings.The lizard ran around the furniture, thrashed its large tail, and hissed at anyone who tried to approach it. 

Three rescue workers from the Por Teck Tung foundation took about 20 minutes to subdue the animal before trussing it up. 

A worker then held up the monitor lizard for the crowd of lotto hunters to find lucky numbers on the scaly skin. Some said that they saw two lucky numbers on the belly for the next round of the lottery – 58 and 39.



“How the heck did you get that number?” someone in the crowd wondered aloud. 

The monitor lizard, which weighed almost 2 meters and weighed more than 20 kilograms, was eventually released into the wild. 

The government lottery is a perennial subject of national fascination, with some locals looking to abnormal flora or fauna, current events, or other phenomena for numerical inspiration.

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The monitor lizard at large in Wat Lo Sutthawat on Sept. 7, 2020.
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