Divine Desperation: Thai Airways Sells Nonstop ‘Holy Flight’

BANGKOK — Thai Airways is selling a pilgrimage flight that will let you “visit” 99 holy Buddhist sites around the country, but don’t expect to land at any of them. 

The special, once in a lifetime, one-time only “THAI Magical Flying Experience” journey will allow customers to take off from Suvarnabhumi Airport and glimpse those 99 sacred landmarks, before returning to the same airport, the airline announced on Monday. 

“For people who are looking for a pre-New Year’s trip, this offers both karma and a special experience!” the advertisement says.

Celebrity astrologist Katha Chinbanchorn will be on board to lead everyone through chants as they fly by the temples and shrines. Thai Airways’ famous food will also be served, along with a prayer book and amulet. 


The three-hour flight will take off on Nov. 30 at 1:30pm and land at 4:30pm. The flight will first head east to Chonburi and Rayong provinces, then turn south over the Gulf of Thailand to Surat Thani, where Wat Chedi is situated. The temple is best known for a benevolent spirit Ai Kai “Egg Boy,” after words spread that it grants winning lottery numbers.

The plane will go north all the way to Sukhothai afterwards, tour the northeast, and touch down at Suvarnabhumi Airport. 

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Tickets start at 5,999 baht, with a business class option priced at the auspicious figures of 9,999 baht.

Reservations can be made by phone until Nov. 25.

The company, which had total liabilities of 332 billion baht, filed a restructuring plan back in May after a loss of passengers following the coronavirus pandemic that grounded its operations worldwide.

In September, the airline launched a cafe selling in-flight meals on the ground in a bid to earn some revenues as the court deliberates on its reorganization. 

Staff also started a food stall operation on Silom Road selling patong go, or deep fried doughs. In late October, the company began turning their life vests and slide rafts into bags.


Thai Airways acting president Chansin Treenuchagorn said the dough fritters were so popular that they sold out in a couple hours each day, earning the company 10 million baht a month, though some netizens are skeptical at the math.

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