Thai Airways Earns 10 Mil. Baht a Month – By Selling Fried Dough

Thai Airways pa tong go. Photo: Thai Airways
Thai Airways pa tong go. Photo: Thai Airways

BANGKOK — The debt-ridden Thai Airways said its recent move to sell breakfast fried doughs on the streets proved to be so successful that the airline is considering franchising the business and expanding the stalls.

Airline acting president Chansin Treenuchagorn said Thursday that the “Thai Airways pa tong go,” or deep fried dough fritters, earned the company 400,000 to 500,000 baht a day, or nearly 10 million baht a month, prompting the company to look for ways to monetize its catering business further.

“We had a very good reception from the customers,” Chansin said. “We received overwhelming orders. Many people queued up for our pa tong go, so we got an idea of expanding the dough fritter business through franchises to meet the demand and reach out to more customers.”

He did not give further details about the business plan or the operating cost for the fried fritter stalls.

The airline has been selling the morning treat, as well as other international dishes, at its offices and bakery outlets in what is widely seen as a desperate effort to make money as the company undergoes the lengthy process of bankruptcy rehabilitation.

The company, which had total liabilities of 332 billion baht, filed a restructuring plan back in May after a continued loss of passengers following the coronavirus pandemic.

A set of Thai Airways’ pa tong go comes in three pieces and a purple potato dipping sauce at a cost of 50 baht. They usually sold out within a couple of hours in the early morning.

The deep fried dough fritters are available at Puff and Pie outlets at Or Tor Kor Market, Don Muang Airport, Thai Catering’s Don Muang office, as well as the airline’s office in Silom and Chiang Mai city.