Aunties on the Frontline Against the Coup

(Prachatai English)

BANGKOK — The discourse of “the aunty” has appeared in social media to explain the older women who like to cut in line and push in front of others to board trains, unconcerned with how they appear in the eyes of others. Yet given that this discourse has only recently emerged and the definition is not set in stone, we would like to propose an alternate understanding of “the aunty.”

During the period of the past two weeks, “aunties,” or older women, have been a not insignificant component of the broad picture of opposition to the coup.  At least 6 women have been arrested for making a three-finger salute against the coup or holding up signs opposing the coup. Among this group of six, at least four were age between at least 50 years old and up to more than 70 years old.


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