4.6 Million Baht Awarded to Kidnapped Karen Girl Kept as Slave for 5 Years

The Karen Network condemned the abuse and reached out to Thai police and former PM Yingluck for justice (Chiang Mai City News).

(Chiang Mai City News)


CHIANG MAI — In early 2013, a horrific story emerged of a 12-year-old ethnic Karen girl who had been kidnapped, abused, and kept as a slave in Kamphaeng Phet by a wealthy Thai couple for five years. Now, Thai courts have ruled that the couple must compensate the girl with 4.6 million baht, despite the fact that they still remain on the run.

The girl, Air, was abducted when she was only 7 years old from a sugarcane field where her migrant worker parents were employed. She told authorities that the couple who kidnapped her had owned a nearby field, and beckoned her to come to their house, where they then enslaved her. Read more here

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