Bars, Cinemas, Salons, and Sport Stadiums Among Last to Reopen

Soldiers hand out food to Muslims during Ramadan holy month in Narathiwat province on April 25, 2020.

BANGKOK — The government is expected to reopen businesses at a different pace depending on the level of coronavirus risks associated with the venues, according to a proposal submitted by the pandemic taskforce.

In the proposal by the Center for the COVID-19 Situation Administration, businesses are categorized into white, green, yellow, and red codes. White code implies no danger associated with the venues, while red is the last to reopen.

The red-code businesses include pubs, internet cafes, karaoke bars, theatres, movie houses, and trade exhibitions. Parties with gatherings of a large number of people, tutorial school, sports stadiums, and air-conditioned sports venues are also included.

The center said people tend to spend a lot of time with little physical distance in these closed spaces, and some of them tend to attract multiple from different areas, which could pose an infection risk.


The center’s guideline cited Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, a known cluster of infections, as a proven evidence that such a place is too risky to reopen.

On the opposite pole of the classification is code white. This category includes vendors and open-aired stalls. Operators need not register to reopen the businesses as they are exempted due to low risks involved.

Code green is low-risk businesses. They must register online and abide by the government guidelines before reopening their businesses.

The group includes small air-conditioned shops such as bookshops, clothing stores, general goods stores, and construction material shops. Public parks and opened-air sports fields such as tennis courts are also included.


Yellow-code businesses are those classified as moderately risky. Operators of these businesses must not only apply online before reopening their businesses but require an approval by the government first.

They include flea markets, fresh markets, shopping malls, food courts, beauty and hair salons, and medical and dental clinics. Some sports facilities such as swimming pools and badminton courts are also listed in this category.

The center added that the classification can be altered if the pandemic situation changes in the coming days.