Together For EV-lization’: TTA and King Long Target Thai EV Market

MOU signing ceremony between Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Co., Ltd. and Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd. on July 9, 2024.

BANGKOK — King Long has stepped into the Thai EV market with a sales target of 1,000 vehicles in the first year.

Thoresen Thai Agencies (TTA) teamed up with King Long to enter the Thai EV market, targets commercial electric pickup customers, and aims to sell 1,000 vehicles in the first year. The first showroom in the suburban area was opened recently, and distributor partners were selected.

On July 9, 2024, Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Co., Ltd., or TTA, a leading company in strategic investment, teamed up with Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd., a major player in the electric vehicle (EV) market from China, to launch the electric pickup truck market for commercial use in Thailand under the theme “Together For EV-lization.”

They aim to fully join the EV market, targeting sales of 1,000 vehicles in the first year, while also planning to collaborate on opening the first EV pickup truck showroom in Thailand’s suburban area.


King Long2

President and Chief Executive Officer of Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Co., Ltd. Chalermchai Mahagitsiri revealed TTA and King Long are collaborating to develop electric pickup trucks. This year, they will commence market entry with a 1-ton commercial pickup model. The initial model to be released is a single-cab pickup aimed at Thailand’s commercial transport and logistics operators. It will be available for both fleet and retail sales.

“We began with the model in highest demand, which is commercial vehicles, and then gradually expanded to cover every segment later on. We chose to collaborate with King Long because King Long is a leading electric vehicle manufacturer in China with advanced electric vehicle production technology, expertise in design, and over 30 years of experience in commercial vehicle manufacturing.”

TTA’s investment policy focuses on sustainable business growth through the “Smart Growth & Sustainability” concept. As part of its strategy to expand its investment portfolio in the clean energy business sector, TTA is partnering with King Long to introduce electric pickup trucks into the Thai market.

“Entering the electric vehicle business is a significant step for us in advancing TTA’s transportation and logistics experience. We have established P80 Go Co., Ltd. to invest in electric vehicle ventures and distribute electric pickup trucks under the ‘King Long’ brand.”

King Long1

The King Long electric pickup trucks, resulting from a collaboration between TTA and King Long, are specifically designed for short to medium-range operations. They are well-suited for commercial use throughout Thailand. These trucks have undergone rigorous testing to ensure compliance with the country’s environmental standards and meet user needs.

Liu Zhijun, Chairman of Xiamen King Long United Automotive Industry Co., Ltd., stated, “The electric vehicle market in Thailand holds immense potential, whether for personal cars, commercial vehicles, or other types of vehicles. We mainly focus on introducing electric pickup trucks suitable for commercial use into this market.

We prioritize developing environmentally friendly and suitable technology for the Thai market’s needs, emphasizing efficiency, durability, cost-effectiveness, and low maintenance. Our goal is to sell 1,000 units in the first year after entering the market.”


TTA and King Long are dedicated to becoming strong business partners to revolutionize Thailand’s commercial transportation sector with electric systems, propelling the country towards sustainable transport.

Meanwhile, P80 Go Co., Ltd. has recently opened the first showroom for King Long’s electric pickup in the suburban area. They are currently in the process of choosing dealership partners in anticipation of the upcoming official launch in Thailand. This commercial electric pickup promises customers substantial advantages, including cost savings, long-lasting durability, eco-friendliness, low maintenance expenses, and cutting-edge technology.