Monkey Mistaken For Dead Baby

(20 October) The small dead body which local residents in Udonthani province understood to be an abandoned infant has been identified as a monkey.

Police were alerted yesterday morning by residents in Baan Chan district that a dead infant has been discovered near Baan Kling Kam Reservoir. Officers and medical staff soon arrived at the scene to investigate.

The police found a decomposed body, 50-60 cm in length, which appeared to be a child with large teeth in the forest near the reservoir.

Local residents told police that some of them had detected the foul smell in the area for several days now, but no one investigated the site until a fisherman stumbled into the body on his way to the reservoir and promptly alerted the police.


News of teenage mothers leaving their newborn children often make it to the headlines in Thailand, where cases of unplanned pregnancy among the young have soared in recent years, and the residents were convinced that a similar incident has happened in their community.


However, forensic works soon established the dead body to be a monkey. Police believe that it might been a pet monkey of a family in the local area.

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