Khon Kaen Hospital To Compensate Maternal Death

(22 October) Somdet Phra Yuppharaj-Kranuan Hospital in Khon Kaen province has said it will take responsibility for the case of a woman who died giving birth there.

Thailand′s maternal mortality rate is estimated to occur in 48 cases out of 100,000 live births – a relatively low number compared with its neighbouring nations such as Myanmar (around 200) and Cambodia (240).

The woman′s husband, Mr. Pattana Tonkanya, said his 21 year old wife, Ms. Kanokwan Buayairaksa, was giving birth to their daughter on Friday at the hospital.

According to Mr. Pattana, Ms. Kanokwan started to suffer with haemorrhage soon after the delivery and was later transferred to Sri Nagarindra Hospital in the same province. Unfortunately, the mother later died on Sunday.


Ms. Amphon Rattanaprinya, M.D., director of Somdet Phra Yuppharaj-Kranuan Hospital, also confirmed that Ms. Kanokwan’s medical record showed that she suffered with a haemorrhage in her uterus, which was weakened after giving birth.

The hospital director also insisted that saving Ms. Kanokwan’s life was beyond the capacity of the hospital, so they decided to transfer her to another hospital.


Ms. Amphon said the hospital will cordially respond to the demands of the family, by supporting Ms. Kanokwan’s daughter until she become 15 years of age, and pay THB 200,000 compensation.

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