Body of Foreigner Found Hanging in Abandoned Building

Sathorn Unique, Bankok. Photo by Sabrina Iovino []  

BANGKOK — A photographer reportedly encountered a decomposing body while he was exploring an abandoned skyscraper in Bangkok yesterday.

Nattawat Wasatien said he was photographing the 43rd floor of Sathorn Unique Tower on Charoenkrung Road when he spotted the dead body hanging in a restroom.

According to an ID card found on the body, the deceased is a Swedish man in his 30s. Khaosod English is withholding his identity until it is confirmed that his family has been notified.

Police believe the man has been dead for "4-5 days." His body has been sent to a hospital for an autopsy. 


Nattawat told reporters he likes to take photos of Bangkok from high-rises around the city, and decided to break into the abandoned building of Sathorn Unique for a new set of photographs. 

"When I found the body hanging in that bathroom, I ran to the ground floor in panic and called the authorities, but I couldn't remember the floor at first," Nattawat said. Hours after Nattawat alerted the police, rescue workers found the body on 43rd floor. 

Sathorn Unique, Bangkok. [Photo by Sabrina Iovino]

Built in the "booming years" of 1990s, the 49-floor Sathorn Unique was intended to be one of the most luxurious residential buildings in Bangkok's downtown. The project later ran into financial troubles following the collapse of Thai real estate industry in the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. 


Since then, the skyscraper has fallen into disrepair, and entry to the building is not permitted. However, Sathorn Unique's haunting atmosphere continues to attract many daring visitors.  

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