Chonburi Man Admits Dealing Meth for Dowry

Sunthorn Khunkamdee, 26, wipes away tears as he speaks today to reporters at a police news conference in Chonburi province.

CHONBURI — A man is under arrest in Chonburi province for allegedly selling methamphetamines to pay the dowry demanded by his fiancee’s family.

Sunthorn Khunkamdee, 26, told reporters at a police news conference today he was forced to sell drugs to factory workers because he could not afford the 100,000 baht dowry, or sin sod, required for the marriage. 

“I had been saving money in order to ask my girlfriend’s hand in marriage,” Sunthorn said. “My work alone was not enough.”


Thai tradition dictates paying a dowry to the bride’s parents at the amount set by her family. In Sunthorn’s case, he said it was 100,000 baht.

Apart from the bride price, Sunthorn said he also needed the money to support his parents, who live in poverty. 

That’s when, according to Col. Korapat Hormhuan of the Bo Win Police Station, Sunthorn started selling speed to employees at several factories in Chonburi province. 

Korapat said police soon learned of Sunthorn’s criminal activities and arrested him. A search of his home turned up packets of meth with a street value of about 140,000 baht, the colonel told reporters. 

Sunthorn has been charged with possessing Category I narcotics with the intention to sell. 



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