Man Confesses to ‘Seducing’ 300 School Boys, Police Say

Accusing fingers are pointed toward a photograph of Chanabodin ‘Ja’ Nikulkan on Thursday at the Buppha Ram Police Station in western metro Bangkok.

BANGKOK — A 23-year-old man Thursday reportedly confessed to having inappropriate contact with hundreds of junior high school boys, some of whom were sexually abused, over the years since he himself graduated from high school.

Chanabodin “Ja” Nikulkan, 23, was charged Thursday morning with the abduction and abuse of children under 15 after parents of six boys went to police. Police said he subsequently admitted to seducing more than 300 children from the same boys school he once attended, and other nearby schools.

At least six boys made specific allegations of sexual abuse. Aged 13 to 15, they told police that Chanabodin treated them to food, alcohol and cigarettes before taking them to his room, showing them pornography, then sexually abusing them. Boys who offered resistance were not allowed to leave, according to police Maj. Gen. Montri Yimyam.


In front of the parents of the six boys, Chanabodin apologized and told them he contacted their children because he wanted to have a son. The children were said to all call him respectfully by his nickname as “Father Ja” or “Teacher Ja.”

The alleged abuser said in most cases he would ask boys to meet him after school finished at around 6pm. They would then go for a walk or dinner, and he would sometimes give them up to 30 baht.


He insisted not all of the 300 boys he had seduced were sexully assualted, saying that some were able to fend him off. He said the abuse consisted of oral sex and touching their genitals.

Police are collecting forensic evidence from his room in the west of Bangkok in Thonburi province and urged parents of other victims to come forward and report any suspicions of abuse at the Buppha Ram police station.