DSI Investigates Foreign ‘Agent’ For Threats to Reporters

Thierry Perenon in a still image taken from a live stream of the Feb. 25 at the Ibis Pattaya hotel.
Thierry Perenon in a still image taken from a live stream of the Feb. 25 at the Ibis Pattaya hotel.

BANGKOK — The Department of Special Investigation said Monday it was investigating a foreign man claiming to be one of its “special agents” and would prosecute him if he broke any laws.

The department said in a statement it was investigating the actions of French national Thierry Perenon, who over the weekend threatened reporters from a news agency. The DSI statement said it had confirmed with its office in east Thailand that he was not one of its agents.

“If any member of the public was affected by actions of the said individual, they are advised to file legal complaints at a local police station or alert the Department of Special Investigation at 1202,” said the statement signed by deputy chief Korrawat Panprapakorn.

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In a series of emails to Khaosod English, the man identifying himself as Perenon told an editor and reporter to take down its recent story about Alex Lesley, a Russian self-styled sex guru who had been arrested alongside his other “instructors” in Pattaya on Feb. 25.

At the time of their arrest one week ago, the guru – whose real name is Aleksandr Kirillov – was working with Belorussian model Anastasiya Vashukievich.

Known on Instagram as Nastya Rybka, her affair with a married Russian oligarch and Putin ally mixed up in the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in US elections has inflamed the Kremlin. Currently held at an Immigration Detention Center, they say they will give US officials relevant evidence if they help shield them from deportation.

Perenon, was present at the Feb. 25 arrest as a volunteer translator. After a story about the messages was published Saturday, Perenon called to deny sending them. Yet he also sent complaints and legal threats using the same email account.

“I will just say you made this email address yourself to slander me and DSI and Santibaan for your fake news,” he wrote. “You don’t know who I am how I make money and you see my influential friends..”

In the emails, Perenon said he was a special DSI agent in Pattaya and named Korrawat as his supervisor. In his messages, he claimed to have carried a gun to the Feb. 25 arrest.


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