Cops Arrest Chinese Guide Posing as Thai National

Police question Li Chen on May 23, 2019.

BANGKOK — A Chinese national was arrested on Thursday for using a Thai ID card to work as a tour guide, police said.

Li Chen, 37, was apprehended as he was leading a Chinese tour group to visit a temple in Samut Prakan province. Police said Li did not only apply for a guide license, but also a driver’s license and even a passport with his stolen identity.


“The behavior of this suspect is a grave danger to national security,” tourist police officer Worapong Thongpaiboon said. “He used an ID card that he secured by [stealing identity] to work as a guide, apply for a driver’s license, passport and others.”

Police said Li has been using an ID card he acquired from a Thai man since 2015. He was charged with forgery.


Police also said Li was previously arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport in February for causing a disturbance and insulting security officers. He was fined and later freed.