Six More Arrest Warrants Issued in ‘Bell the Pretty’ Case

Chaiyapol Panna and his girlfriend Pikulthong Boonta speaking to the press at his house in Bang Bua Thong on Sept. 25.
Chaiyapol Panna and his girlfriend Pikulthong Boonta speaking to the press at his house in Bang Bua Thong on Sept. 25.

NONTHABURI — Police on Thursday said arrest warrants have been issued for six people who attended the house party where a promotional model was last seen before turning up dead in a condominium lobby last week.

A Nonthaburi court on Thursday issued arrest warrants for six people who were at the house party in Bang Bua Thong on Sept. 16 where model Thitima “Bell” Noraphanpiphat, 25, met Rachadech Wongtabutr, 24. She was taken in an intoxicated state to his condominium that evening and found dead the next morning.

Arrest warrants were issued for the hosts of the party Chaiyapol Panna, 29, and Nathee Sathitpongsathaporn, 33. Warrants were also sent to partygoers Pikulthong Boonta, 24, Komet Rithnithirerk, 35, Kritsada Lohitdee, 27, and Phattanan Raksakul, 26, for cooperating in criminal activity and sexual assault.

Authorities decided to pursue the warrants after another model, who used the alias “Dear,” reported to the police that she was sexually assaulted at the house party, where she like Thitima was hired as an entertainer. However, she arrived at the house after Thitima left with Rachadech.


On Wednesday, Chaiyapol told reporters and swore to a shrine that he has nothing to do with Thitima’s death. As of press time, the police have said four of the six suspects have agreed to report to the authorities.

Meanwhile, Rachadech was arrested on Wednesday and charged with illegal detention leading to deaths of others, abduction with intent of committing an indecent act, and indecency. He was taken to court for detainment approval on Thursday. He denied the allegations, but admitted he was with Thitima shortly before her death, as has been confirmed in CCTV footage.

Although investigators have established the timeframe of Thitima’s death, they are still working on the exact time of death in order to tie Thitima’s case to the hosts and partygoers. The police found no suspicious substances inside the house, but evidence of sexual activity was found.

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