Fugitive Killer ‘Kid the Ripper’ Arrested on Korat Train, Cops Say

Somkid Pumpuang moments after he was arrested by policemen in Korat on Dec. 18, 2019.

NAKHON RATCHASIMA — A man accused of murdering six women was apprehended on a train in the northeast on Wednesday, police said.


Somkid Pumpuang, 55, was spotted by a train commuter who recognized him from wanted posters and alerted the authorities, according to investigators. Police said the passenger, whom was not named, would receive a bounty of 50,000 baht for the tip-off.

Dubbed by the media as “Kid the Ripper,” Somkid was convicted of killing five sex workers in 2005 and sentenced to life imprisonment in the same year. However, he was granted an early release in May this year for demonstrating good behavior in prison, corrections officials said.

Police said he committed his sixth murder in Khon Kaen province on Sunday, just months after he received a royal pardon.