Police Arrest Man Who Threatens to Shoot Up Mall

Image posted by Chaiyaphum man Peerapat Choosang.

CHAIYAPHUM — Police in the northeast said Monday they arrested a man for threatening to shoot up a local shopping mall, days after a gunman killed a score of victims at a mall in Korat.

Peerapat Choosang, 28, was arrested in Chaiyaphum province and charged with cybercrime after he posted his threat on social media. Police said they tracked down and apprehended him after they received complaints from fearful netizens.


“Terminal 21 Korat, already done. My turn, Robinson Chaiyaphum,” Peerapat wrote in a caption to a photo showing two handguns.

“Next stop: Robinson Chaiyaphum,” he wrote in another public post, this time showing a photo of Terminal 21 shopping mall, where police and army commandos spent 15 hours hunting down a soldier who murdered at least 30 people.


Police said Peerapat confessed to writing those messages because he was drunk and having a personal dispute with his partner. He was charged with violating the Computer Crime Act, which bans importing material into the computer system that caused widespread panic.