Photo: Yaikung UKLifestyle / YouTube
Photo: Yaikung UKLifestyle / YouTube

BANGKOK — A Thai YouTuber whose videos detail her life as a Thai wife in the United Kingdom died of the coronavirus, according to online accounts.

In the news posted Thursday by UK-based news site Amthaipaper, Kung, the owner of the “Yaikung UKLifestyle” YouTube channel, died yesterday after contracting the disease.

Kung’s YouTube channel, which has been viewed over 900,000 times, features videos of herself giving hands-on experience of her marriage life with a Briton, along with cooking shows and travel vlogs.

Her latest video was posted on March 25, teaching how to make a ho mok pla, or steamed fish in red curry custard.

The UK has the world’s sixth-highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, according to WorldOMeters. The total tally so far stands at 138,078 cases and 18,738 deaths.

Another Thai living in the UK, Rawatt Sutumvarapornd, also died of the coronavirus recently, media reports say.