Police Suspect Ukraninan Woman’s Death to Be Suicide

Footage of Olha Frolova, left, sitting, on May 25, 2020 provided by Bo Phut police.
Footage of Olha Frolova, left, sitting, on May 25, 2020 provided by Bo Phut police.

SURAT THANI — A Ukrainian woman who was found dead on Koh Samui earlier this week might have taken her own life, police said Thursday.

Although police initially suspected foul play was involved in the death of Olha Frolova, 32, they now said suicide was more likely since medical examiners found no signs of a struggle. Investigators also found her belongings that she had left at a shopping mall before she was reported missing.

“There is no evidence of assault, stabbing, or asphyxiation on her body,” Bo Phut police superintendent Yutthana Sirisombat said. “Her husband and ex-husband also said that she suffered from severe depression. She had no home, income, or job, so we believe that these factors might have led to suicide.”

Frolova’s body was recovered Sunday by a local, two weeks after her husband reported her missing on May 25. Her body was found covered with banana leaves at the scene, leading police to suspect a possible homicide at first.


Col. Yutthana said her ex-husband also testified that Frolova was on medication and had a history of writing about death in her diary.

However, investigation will continue because the police are still waiting for a detailed autopsy report, the superintendent said. Police will also examine her laptop and diary found inside a left luggage at the mall to gather more evidence, he added.

If you are thinking about suicide, call the mental health hotline at 1323, toll-free and available all 24 hours.


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