Ukranian Woman Death: Cops Find CCTV Footage of Victim

Footage of Olha Frolova on May 25, 2020 provided by Bo Phut police.

SURAT THANI — Police on Tuesday said they found security camera footage showing a Ukranian woman shortly before her death on Koh Samui. 

Investigators said the footage shows Olha Frolova, 32, walking on the same day she was reported missing. Frolova was found dead earlier this week in a case police suspected foul play was involved. 

Bo Phut police said that the route Frolova took was “traceable” to the spot her body was found, but they were still unsure how she got there since the rural area has few CCTVs. 

Frolova’s body was recovered Sunday by a local, two weeks after her husband reported her missing on May 25 when he couldn’t contact her. 


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The CCTV footage, recorded 1:08pm on May 25, showed Frolova walking along a sparsely-populated rural road in Maret subdistrict. 

Police said she had just returned her rental bike before setting out on foot. 


In the footage, she was wearing the same clothes that were found on her body.

Kumrop Dechratwichai, director of Koh Samui Hospital, said that Frolova’s body was currently undergoing a detailed autopsy at the Police Hospital in Bangkok, results of which will take about two weeks. 

Police said on Monday they suspected the victim was murdered, since there were apparent attempts to conceal her body. No suspects have been named.