75,000 Baht ‘Travel Allowance’ for Thai Airways Execs Slammed

A file photo of Thai Airways planes.

BANGKOK — Netizens and politicians were shocked to learn that executives of a national airline struggling with bankruptcy are entitled to a massive travel allowance money.

Thai Airways executives receive up to 75,000 baht per month for their travel, according to Democrat Party deputy leader Samart Ratchapolsitte. The debt-ridden airline is currently going through a bankruptcy rehabilitation process under the court.

“Wow! Transportation allowance for Thai Airways executives is 75,000 per month… on top of their 700,000 salary,” Samart wrote online.

The allowance is for those holding the position of executive vice president of the airline.


Samart said Thai Airways’ middle-ranking management’s transport allowances are reasonable, ranging from 2,915 baht for a manager to 6,900 baht for a director, those at the top are not.

“Thai Airways argue that those at the very top must have chauffeur driven limousines,” Samart wrote, adding that some top executives who already have their own cars still demand the allowance in full.

After declaring bankruptcy, the airline is undergoing a business restructuring as instructed by the court. The company also owes its passengers a refund for their cancelled flight tickets, which the airline said it could not pay back at the moment.


Many comments on Samart’s post criticize the airline’s for its perceived incompetence and the military role in the state enterprise.

“75,000 baht? I’m gonna faint. How can they not go bankrupt!!!” Facebook user Maliwan Sukkeaw wrote in a reply.

“Where do they travel to so they need so much money for petrol? Are their homes 200 to 300 kilometers away?” another Facebook user Nut Seree wrote.