Psych! Gov’t Spokesman Says Visa Amnesty is Possible After All

Massive queues in front of the Immigration Bureau office in March 2020.

BANGKOK — A foreign ministry spokesman on Friday said officials are proposing a new round of visa amnesty extensions, less  than two weeks before the current amnesty expires.

During the Friday briefing by the government’s COVID-19 pandemic center, spokesman Natapanu Nopakun said that government officials will make a proposal to the Cabinet, but nothing is certain as of now. 


“It is in the pipeline so please follow the updates to be made by the immigration bureau of the Thai police,” he said. 

An Immigration spokesman previously said another round of automatic extension was “unlikely” and said a letter from embassies would be required to extend the stay. Several embassies also said they would not issue the letters. 


The amnesty, approved by the government in April, allowed foreigners stranded in Thailand whose visas expire between March 26 to July 31 to stay in the Kingdom without applying for an extension at immigration offices.