Prosecutors, Police To Probe ‘Boss Red Bull’ Case

An image posted to the Instagram account of Porpeer Salin Suyarnsettakorn on July 2, 2015, shows Vorayuth
An image posted to the Instagram account of Porpeer Salin Suyarnsettakorn on July 2, 2015, shows Vorayuth "Boss" Yoovidhya, whose grandfather co-founded energy drink company Red Bull, standing next to a black Porsche with customized license plates in London. (Photo via AP)

BANGKOK — Officials said Tuesday an inquiry into a recent decision to drop all charges against a billionaire scion accused of killing a policeman in a 2012 car crash will conclude swiftly.

Following days of criticism over the prosecutors’ decision to drop the charges against Vorayuth “Boss” Yoovidhya, a spokesman of the Office of the Attorney-General said an urgent meeting will be held today to question why the case was let go in favour of Vorayuth, the heir to the Red Bull energy drink fortune.

“We will hold a meeting on July 28 because the attorney general wants the truth to be known as soon as possible,” Prayut Petchkun said.

The news has fueled public anger over the country’s culture of impunity for the rich. Since the crash in 2012, the police and prosecutors did not appear to make any serious effort in bringing Vorayuth to trial.


A similar inquiry committee was also set up by the police, the force spokesman Kissana Phathana-charoen said Monday. The committee will hold its first meeting on Wednesday and report its findings in 15 days, he added.

“A committee has been set up to ensure transparency and fairness to all parties with regards to actions of the police,” Col. Kissana said. “The 10-member committee will conclude its findings within 15 days.”

Apart from internal investigations, the Parliament’s committee on police affairs will summon national police commissioner Gen. Chakthip Chaijinda to give his testimony about the case on Thursday, the committee’s advisor Sanhapot Suksrimuang said.

The committee on legal affairs will also call the police chief and five other police officers who were involved with the case for questioning on Wednesday as well, Phalang Pracharath’s Bangkok MP Sira Jenjaka said.

Calls to boycott products owned by the Yoovidhya family have been growing on social media despite the company’s attempt to distance themselves from the case.


In the statement released by the TCP Group on Saturday, the company said Vorayuth has never assumed any position or held stocks of the company.

“The case is a personal affair of Mr. Vorayuth Yoovidhya,” the statement wrote.

TCP Group’s board members are identified as Pavana Langthara, Suthirat Yoovidhya Jiravat Yoovidhya, Pranadda Yoovidhya, Supreeya Yoovidhya, Saravoot Yoovidhya, and Nucharee Yoovidhya.