Small Blaze Put Out at ‘Life Asoke’ Condo Project

Smoke rises from a fire at the construction site of Life Asoke condo in the Huai Khwang district. Photo: @Katopz / Twitter Read: Fire at ‘Life Asoke’ Condo Project Now Under Control

BANGKOK — Firefighters quickly extinguished a blaze at the site of a high-rise luxury condominium in Bangkok on Wednesday afternoon.

Soon after columns of smoke rose above the construction site at the intersection of Asok-Din Daeng and Kamphaeng Phet 7 roads, fire crews had mostly extinguished the flames and traffic had resumed after coming to a standstill.

“A worker was welding metal when one of the sparks lit a pile of rubber ablaze,” police Col. Ruetee Pandum said Wednesday evening. “Everyone, including the welder, ran out in time and no one was injured.”

“It was rubber, so there was a lot of really black smoke but the flames weren’t that large,” Ruetee said. “Firefighters only took five minutes to put out the flames. By the time I got there, all of them had left already!” he laughed.

A 35-story condominium, Life Asoke, is being built there by developer AP Thai.

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