For Beating British Family Senseless, 4 Men Sentenced to 2 Years

HUA HIN — Four men convicted of beating three British tourists senseless during Thai New Year celebrations have been sentenced to two years in jail each.

Yingyai Kwangkum-in, 32; Supatra Baithong, 32; Siva Yoksri, 20; and Chaiya Jaiboon, 20; were found guilty by the court, according to details made public Sunday, for the savage attack in the resort town of Hua Hin, footage of which garnered international media attention and left another blemish on the reputation of tourism.

On April 13, British tourist Lewis Owen and his parents, Rosemary Owen and Lewis Owen, were beaten and kicked on a street crowded with party revelers celebrating Songkran until they lost consciousness.

Police Probe ‘Leak’ of British Family Beating Video

All four defendants were convicted May 23 of assault leading to grievous bodily harm and given two year jail terms, which were halved from four years because they confessed.

After the verdict was read, Yingyai, Supatra, Siva and Chaiya were immediately escorted into prison.

Despite the brutal nature of the crime, the beating of the British family was not reported in the national media until a local newspaper in Hua Hin obtained security footage of the attack and posted it online.

At the time of their arrest, they said they collided into one of the victims during the street party, and an argument soon escalated into the horrific assault. The suspects were drunk at the time, they said.

Provincial police commander Kasana Jamsawang said the four men have 30 days to file an appeal, but he believes they won’t do so.

“I don’t think they would do that, based on conversations I have had with them in the past,” Maj.Gen. Kasana said. “They already admitted their guilt.”

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