Head of UDD Renewed Call For Political Prisoners Release

(25 April) Ms. Tida Tojirakarn, chairwoman of the National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD), said in press conference that she has concerns about the trouble of the bailing process of remaining political prisoners, some of which are bystanders arrested by the authorities during the crackdown on Redshirt protest in May 2010.


She also asks for release of Mr. Korkaew Pikultong, a Phuea Thai MP who is currently imprisoned for making offensive remarks about the Constitutional Court, and those who face criminal prosecution under lese majeste laws, stating that it is a basic right for the accused to be able to fight their case outside prison.

These people were imprisoned without receiving a fair trial. Thus, before the amnesty, bails should also be allowed for all these prisoners. This is a solution that will lessen their suffering, Ms. Thida said.

Additionally, the UDD chairwoman revealed plan for a rally on 19 May to commemorate the military assault on encamped Redshirts 3 years ago. She said she still did not have solid details about the activities on that day, but said that the speeches on the stage would focus on bails for political prisoners, amnesty bill, and constitutional amendment.