Govt Issues Rules to View Royal Cremation Site

Smoke lingers in the air above the crematorium Thursday in Sanam Luang.

BANGKOK — With the official mourning period ending at midnight on Sunday, the culture ministry has issued dress and behavioral guidelines for those wanting to visit the royal crematorium at Sanam Luang.

The site, which saw the cremation of King Bhumibol, will be open to the general public starting Thursday. It will be open four weeks until Nov. 30. There will also be an exhibition on display.

The guidelines said women are required to refrain from wearing sleeveless shirts or blouses. Skirt must be knee-length and not too tight or body-hugging. Sandals are not permitted and shoes must look polite.

Guidelines issued by the culture ministry. Photo: Ministry of Culture

The guidelines also said men are required to refrain from wearing sleeveless shirts as well as tight, body-hugging shirts. Faded, tight and torn jeans are also forbidden.


Like women, men are also not required to wear slippers or sandals on site.

School and university students meanwhile are required to wear uniforms as dictated by official regulations.


Ethnic minorities are required to wear respective ethnic dresses.

All visitors are banned from touching the crematorium and exhibited objects. They are also asked not to touch, pluck or destroy flora and fauna on site.

Photo taking will only be allowed at designated sites and rubbish must be only disposed at designated areas, the document concluded.