Gov’t MP Blames Amateur Housewives for Egg Shortages

A file photo of MP Veerakorn Kumprakob.
A file photo of MP Veerakorn Kumprakob.

BANGKOK — A pro-government lawmaker blamed young housewives for the ongoing egg shortages, saying they are only capable of making desperate egg dishes during their quarantines.

In a video that emerged on social media recently, Phalang Pracharath MP Veerakorn Kumprakob is seen speaking on Friday at the parliament that the country’s egg shortage is caused by unseasoned housewives whose culinary skills are limited to egg dishes.

“There are egg shortages because everyone has to stay at home,” Veerakorn said. “The new generation of housewives are only capable of making boiled eggs, fried eggs, and omelettes. That’s all they can do, so there’s a surge in egg consumption.”

The MP also introduced his plan to set up a popup store in front of the party’s headquarters to supply families with affordable eggs. However, the plan was scrapped a day later after party’s leaders expressed concerns about the image of the government selling goods to its own citizens.

Since last week, many stores and markets across the country have run out of eggs on their shelves as people are hoarding them due to fears of a possible lockdown brought by the coronavirus epidemic. Many traders also raise the price despite stern warnings against profiteering from the Ministry of Commerce.

Commerce minister Jurin Laksanawisit said Monday that there’s a threefold increase in the domestic consumption of eggs, prompting the government to extend the ban on egg exports for 30 days until April 30.