Boxing Stadiums May Reopen by Mid-June, Organizer Says

BANGKOK — Boxing stadiums, whose functions have been associated with the coronavirus clusters, may reopen by June 15, one of the sport organizers said.

Sumet Suesattabongkoch, a boxing promoter for Ratchadamnoen Stadium, said the matches will likely be broadcast on TV only, and the audience will not be allowed to witness the fights inside the facilities.

“The good news, which is the hope for Thai boxing industry, is there’s a speculation that the [stadiums] will be unlocked by June 15,” Sumet said.

He also expressed condolence for those who perished in the coronavirus pandemic, and asked the government to assist the boxing industry because it’s been hit hard by the virus.



“I’d like to ask everyone in the boxing industry to endure it a bit longer,” Sumet said. “Everything will be ok soon.”

Scores of coronavirus infections in Thailand have been traced to a March 6 match at Lumpinee Stadium. The fight took place at the army-owned facility despite a closure order issued by the government.

The military later announced an inquiry into the incident, but no results have been published as of publication time.