Khaosod Online Ranked Most-Visited Thai News Site

Office of Khaosod newspaper in northern Bangkok, as seen in this Dec. 26, 2011 file photo.

BANGKOK — A prominent analyst firm ranks Khaosod Online as the most visited news website in Thailand throughout 2015.

More than one million unique IP addresses visited the official website of Khaosod newspaper last year, according to a report published by True Hits, a firm that tracks internet traffic to all major sites in the Kingdom. 

Khaosod is also the third most-visited site across all categories in Thailand, coming behind variety websites Sanook and Kapook, True Hits reported. 

Meanwhile, Matichon Online, the website of Matichon newspaper, is ranked as the fifth most-accessed news site by True Hits, with visits from over 309,866 unique IP addresses. 

Khaosod Online and Matichon Online belong to Matichon Group, the publication company that also owns Khaosod English. 

Thakoon Boonparn, manager-director of Matichon Group, said the ranking announced by True Hits is “good news” for Matichon Group’s efforts to gain more prominence in the digital news business. 

“No matter what channels the world moves to, in term of communications, Matichon Group will always be there,” Thakoon said. 

Launched in 2007 as the official digital platform of its newspaper, Khaosod Online has been steadily growing in terms of popularity and web traffic. The website saw a 98 percent growth during the period of the Redshirt political unrest in 2010, largely due to the news agency’s ability to present around-the-clock coverage of the conflict. 

Although Khaosod Online is a relative newcomer to social media – its Facebook page was only launched in 2012 – its success is extraordinary.  Khaosod Online’s Facebook page has nearly 7 million ‘likes’ at the moment. 


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