CPF Based on ‘3P’ Principle Drives the Organization to Excellence on Labor Practices

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Charoen Pokphand Foods Public Company Limited or CPF is determined to raise corporate personnel practices standard to the excellent level through the implementation of 3P strategies on both Thai and foreign workers throughout the organization in accordance to the international practices and standards in the move to become the role model of corporation on labour management. 

Mr. Apichart Kaewking, Vice President of CPF on chicken manufacturing plant in Nakhon Ratchasima said the company’s policy to directly hire foreign worker and treats them as per the human rights principle the same as Thai worker, had gained neighboring countries’ confidence that the labour practices of Thai private sector is up to the international standards and contributes to the efforts that goes against the slave labour and slave trade.

In the Year 2016, the Company is continuing to raise the corporate personnel management standards toward the sustaining excellence status therefore the Policy-Practice-Partnership-3P strategy has become the core guidelines and goals for the labour practices in all the company’s enterprises and plants. The P-Policy is the framework on personnel management based on the United Nations’ human rights declaration and declaration on fundamental principles and rights of international organizations especially the foreign worker recruitment policy on which the Company is determined to recruit and treat the foreign workers exactly the same as Thai workers. 

The P-Practice is the strategy to drive the organization on the good treatment of workers at all levels in accordance to the Thai Labour Standard TLS 8001-2553 while the P-Partnership is the close cooperation between the Company and related state organizations including NGOs both inside and outside of the country as well as the related federations and association in joint effort to raise the standards on country’s labour practices.

CPF currently employs 5,200 foreign workers as the company employee, 4,450 out of which are Cambodians and the remaining 750 workers are Myanmar people. All the foreign workers are treated equally to Thai workers at all areas including basic salary, skill based pay, annual pay raise as well as welfare as per the law i.e. social security, expense for medical treatment, accident insurance, annual leave, right to receive payment on over-time work according to the law up to 12 hours per week as per international standard and promotion of position and salary based on working performance etc.

Mr. Apichart added that approximately 2,300 foreign workers working at the chicken manufacturing plant in Nakhon Ratchasima are Cambodians. Under Company’s foreign workers recruitment policy, the Company has been able to fully provides the foreign workers with proper care and skill training. The Company has provided the accommodation and commuting bus services between the lodgings and plants for the workers every day. The Thai-Cambodia coordination center staffed with Thai speaking officer had been setup to ensure that the foreign workers working with the Company are living well and happy.

Chicken manufacturing plant in Nakhon Ratchasima is the first enterprise of the Company that gained highest level of Thai Labour Standard certificate. The certificate obtaining in 2015 is the manifestation on the CPF’s commitment to the personnel management at all levels based on international standards and contributing to the joint effort of the food processing industry to raise the labour management standards in food processing industry to the world recognized standard.




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