Siam Winery Continues With the 9th Year of Clothing Donation Initiative (Sponsored)

As a Thai company, Siam Winery is determined to take care of local communities. For the 9th year, the Donation of Clothing initiative, led by Siam Winery, is moving forward with support from volunteers to tackle the cold in rural areas with donation of blankets, winter clothing and school supplies at Pang Khum School in Sameng District of Chiang Mai.

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Siam Winery, Thai producer and distributor of wine and beverages, has continued on with the 9th year of Donation of Clothing initiative with volunteers from Siam Winery and nationwide to bring donation to those in cold-stricken area at Pang Khum School in Sameng District of Chiang Mai. The donation included winter clothing and school supplies for the students and underprivileged townspeople in the affected areas.



Mr. Chayapol Sornsilp, manager of Siam Winery’s social responsibility management, said that, “Throughout 30 years, Siam Winery has always been adamant in sustainably developing and improving lives in the communities in rural Thailand with various social responsibility initiatives. So far we have created great impact and manifested our statements with access to benefit local communities in rural parts of Thailand, where we also learned the need and lack in schools in the area. The Donation of Clothing initiative was hence developed eight years ago where Siam Winery donated more than 10,000 pieces of winter clothing each year. This year, for the 9th edition, we also take education into account and include school supplies and sports equipment to schools in need. This year the donation includes winter clothing, school bags, rain jackets, sportswear and other essential school supplies for 280 students and villagers. We also take this opportunity to learn about their way of life.”

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Pang Khum School is one of the schools chosen to be part of Donation of Clothing initiative by Siam Winery. The company’s executives and volunteers travelled 1,300 meters above sea level to Pang Khum village to bring winter clothing, sport equipment, school supplies and other necessities. Because of the high altitude and mountainous surrounding, Pang Khum village is hit with heavy downpour in the rainy season and plunging drop of temperature in winter, making the year-round average temperature of 5-16 degree Celsius. The students in Pang Khum School are from two ethnic tribes, Pagayor and Lisu. The school, operating since 1971, was built by the community and it is now under the provision of Chiang Mai Primary Educational Service Area Office 2. The school offers classes from first year of kindergarten to junior high school (mattayom 3) and the total number of students in the academic year of 2018 is 94.


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The high terrain makes traveling to school an ordeal for the students and the teachers. The steep, mountainous route comprises 15km natural dirt track and 45km rural road, making it 60km in total from Sameng District Office. In the rainy season the route becomes muddy and slippery, and travel to Pang Khum School can only be done with specific know-how on hilly tracks and four-wheel drive or big bikes. Pang Khum villagers are mostly farmers with plantations of rice, vegetables and flowers. The majority of the population lives in poverty with average income of 10,000 baht per family per year.

With the mission to give back to society, Siam Winery is grateful to be able to do our small part in giving back to local communities with hopes to help foster a more sustainable and prosperous future. Get updates on Donation of Clothing initiative and other projects by Siam Winery at