CPHI-OLIC Works Together to Build Awareness for Sustainable Thai Pharmaceutical Industry

CPHI South East Asia 2023 aims to build awareness of pharmaceutical standards in Thailand to broader public and to promote drug security with OLIC, a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer that is set to announce its plan for environmental , community and its business sustainability with a goal to promote access to medicines sources and comprehensive solutions at CPHI South East Asia 2023, Hall 1-3, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), during 12-14 July 2023.

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Rungphech Chitanuwat, Regional Portfolio Director – ASEAN Informa Markets Thailand, revealed as an organizer of CPHI South East Asia 2023 that important goals are to build awareness about the pharmaceutical production standards in Thailand and to understand opportunities in the industry which will be how to support in building drug security in region. The organizer also wanted to create a trust and wider understanding that pharmaceutical production in Thailand complies with the international standard (GPM PIC/S), that the industry manufactures quality medicine and has the potential in being an exporter to the world market.

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The challenge that Thailand is facing is that pharmaceutical production in this region still depends on more than 90% of the importation of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Together with the high production costs, Thailand has less than 200 local manufacturers in the industry.

Another important issue is that consumers are still unaware of the standards of pharmaceutical production in Thailand. Therefore, the organizer would like to promote and encourage both manufacturers and consumers in Thailand to trust the international production standard which will increase the use of domestically manufactured medicine.

At CPHI South East Asia 2023, there will be answers to these issues. The event will also create areas for discussion and opportunities accessible to both Thai and foreign investors. 

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Mr. Yoshihiro Takada, Managing Director of OLIC Thailand Limited, one of the most comprehensive Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMO) in Southeast Asia, revealed that the pharmaceutical industry in Thailand still has a lot of room to grow. Most of them depend on importation and still need money to cover the renovation of factories to meet the GMP-PIC/S standards, while OLIC positions itself to be more than a pharmaceutical manufacturer – it has been operating with modern production technologies to reach its goal of creating a society with sustainable health where everyone lives happily and healthily.

“As a provider who offers comprehensive services from pharmaceutical formulation development and analytical method development and validation, to production and packaging, product registration, product logistics and deliveries.

With the use of modern technology and machines, our factory manufactures various types of medicine such as sterile medicines, pills, liquid medicines, gels, soft gels, and many more. Our products are exported to over 30 countries worldwide and also available in Thailand and across Southeast Asia, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Europe, the USA, and Australia.”

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Thitima Thongkam, B.Sc.(Pharmacy), Quality and Compliance Director, OLIC Thailand Limited, said OLIC has always paid attention to product innovation development. Recently, OLIC has added a new production line that manufactures effervescent medicine which is a medicine that dissolves and releases carbon dioxide as soon as it is in contact with water. The benefit of effervescent tablets is that they are useful to formulate for medicines that are difficult to make in tablets, they are fast to absorb, and they are absorbed better. 

“The production of effervescent tablets requires additional quality control as it has a more complicated formula and production process, especially when it comes to temperature and humidity control. We pay close attention to the packaging to ensure that our customers receive our products in the best quality.”

Additionally, the company uses the latest real-time track and trace technology such as the use of GS1-standard barcodes and serialization and aggregation in compliance with regulatory requirements in our clients’ markets. The track and trace technology not only tracks each product in their production chains from beginning to end but also helps increase security and performance.

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Angsana Wanasathian, B.Sc.(Pharmacy), Operations Director, OLIC Thailand Limited, added that OLIC realized the importance and paid attention to sustainable growth. Since 2019, the company has directed the source of energy for its production processes to recycled or clean energy. It has also changed its lighting system, the fuel source in the factory, which reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 23.9% in 2021.


In 2022, OLIC installed a 0.99-Megawatt Solar Cell System (first phase) at the factory. In 2023, the system started to generate electricity with an estimated generation of 1,254 Megawatt per year, equivalent to the reduction of carbon monoxide by approximately 650 tons per year. Currently, the company is planning an additional investment plan for a 0.80-Megawatt Solar Cell System (second phase).

“The Solar Cell System not only cuts the cost of energy consumption, but also creates positive impacts on our environment, enabling OLIC to sustainably grow our business for the long run under an approach with the environment, society, and good governance in mind. We are determined to always stand by our clients, partners, employees, and communities.”

CPHI South East Asia 2023, Southeast Asia’s comprehensive technology showcase and convention in the pharmaceutical industry, will take place at Hall 1-3, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC), during 12-14 July 2023. For those who are interested, registration is now open at  www.CPHI.com/sea