ORTORKOR Presents Thailand Best Agricultural Showroom

ORTORKOR organizes an event for high-quality agricultural products named “ORTORKOR SELECT THAILAND BEST AGRICULTURAL”, presenting “Thailand Best Agricultural Showroom” to increase marketing channels and create added value for Thai agricultural products between 11 – 15 August 2023 

Mr. Panithan Meechaiyo, director of the Marketing Organization for Farmers (ORTORKOR), said that according to the policy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in stimulating the economy to generate income for farmers therefore assigned Marketing Organization for Farmers or ORTORKOR which is a state enterprise under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

Allocate areas for distribution of agricultural products. Promote and support Thai agricultural products by establishing an exhibition center for high quality agricultural products, ORTORKOR. So that both Thai and foreign customers can access quality agricultural products conveniently and quickly as another option to increase market share of agricultural products distribution and products for export of Thailand.

It will reach the international level by using the strategy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives “Marketing Leads Production” selects quality agricultural products to be marketed through offline and online channels, elevating the quality of life of farmers to have stability in agricultural careers, generate income, and be able to be self-reliant sustainably.



Organizing the event “ORTORKOR SELECT THAILAND BEST AGRICULTURAL” high quality agricultural products this time is to publicize the Thailand Best Agricultural Showroom to be widely known and be the exhibition center of new products in the city center which can create more networks and trade alliances. 


Marketing Organization for Farmers (ORTORKOR) has a mission to support and promote marketing channels for farmers and agricultural institutions to bring their produce or agricultural products and household industrial products to be distributed without middlemen by using marketing to lead production and creating value added agricultural products.

It operates to help farmers in agricultural product marketing channels and drives the Master Plan on Agricultural Market Development 2021-2025 with the aim of increasing revenue from agricultural market business operations, and the guidelines for the development of the ORTORKOR market in Phaholyothin area to be the center of food and agricultural products of the best quality in Thailand.


Currently, ORTORKOR market has an average of about 5,000 people per day, with approximately 1,825,000 people in a year. The ORTORKOR market is well known to consumers as the largest place in Bangkok for shopping, chilling, tasting premium quality agricultural products and food and is the aim (Destination) of foreign tourists visiting Bangkok as well.

In 2017, the ORTORKOR market was ranked by CNN USA as the 4th best market in the world, which guarantees that the ORTORKOR fresh market is worth a visit. In addition, the area of ORTORKOR is an area with economic potential that can connect to the largest transportation hub in ASEAN to accommodate both Thai and foreign shoppers.

The Thailand Best Agricultural Showroom project is one of the main missions of the organization to drive government policies in promoting high quality agricultural products in marketing, developing quality brand, raising the price of quality produce, developing suitable packaging for agricultural products through offline and online channels, creating marketing channels to support high quality agricultural products including various processed agricultural products, generating additional income for farmers, making farmers have stable quality of life in the agricultural career and be able to continue to be self-reliant in a sustainable way.

Mr. Panithan continued said that this event was intended to publicize the mission and activity plans that take place within the Thailand Best Agricultural Showroom including supporting high-quality agricultural products, raising the level and creating added value for Thai agricultural products, increasing distribution channels for high-quality agricultural products for farmers, creating a network of entrepreneurs both offline and online, which will generate income for the farmers involved; and to publicize to consumers about high quality agricultural products and encourage confidence in consumption; also to drive the economy and push community agricultural products to the world market, which is considered to stimulate the circulation of money in the economy.

The target groups are agencies under the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, government and private agencies, farmers, community enterprises, farmer institutions, producers, consumers, the public of Thai people and foreigners, including buyers, importers of Thai products to foreign countries in every region, and all media.

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In organizing the event “ORTORKOR SELECT THAILAND BEST AGRICULTURAL” this time, there are more than 25 shops from farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives bringing a variety of high-quality products to the exhibition and sale, including:

The Department of Agricultural Extension sells good quality agricultural products for sale at special prices, such as sea salt products, dried herbs, processed fruits, herbal juice, processed products from jasmine rice, salted roasted peanuts, coffee, and tea products, etc.

The Department of Fisheries sells salted Threadfin fish, sweet-boiled mackerel, rice crackers, Thai style savory snack (Pan sib), sea bass, shrimp chin, crispy sea bass, and many other products from the Department of Fisheries to be sold at the event.

The Rice Department has selected good quality rice such as Kor.Khor 43 rice, Tubtim Chum Phae rice, Hang rice, brown rice, Sangyod rice, Leum Phua rice, and black glutinous rice, etc., and processed rice products such as crackers, liquid soap, and shampoo are sold at special prices.

The Department of Livestock Development brings good quality beef steaks, eggs and processed egg products, dairy products, northern sausages, pork crackling, Northern Thai Green Chilli Dip (Nam Prik Num) to sell at special prices

The Queen Sirikit Department of Sericulture sells mulberry processed products, available for sale at a special price within the event.

The Cooperative Promotion Department brings products from the Wise and Wisdom occupation group under the Sikarin House and Friends Cooperative Limited, such as organic herbal products, mosquito repellent, herbal spray, kaffir lime shampoo, massage oil, borneol oil, and cleaning solution.

The Agricultural Land Reform Office sells cold pressed rice bran oil, cold pressed sesame seeds, rice milk lotion, germinated brown rice germ, red jasmine rice, brown rice, and Rice berry.

Dairy Farming Promotion Organization of Thailand (D.P.O) distributes products Thai-Danish Milk

Agricultural Research Development Agency (Public Organization) sells Japanese rice, jasmine rice in dough stage, banana flower soup, sugar-free coconut milk drink, etc.

Highland Research and Development Institute (Public Organization) sells fresh produce from the highlands, including avocados, Thomas tomatoes, Japanese Cucumber, Passion Fruit, Butternut, Research Processed Product Royal Park Rajapruek Booth, and souvenirs.

Biodiversity-Based Economy Development Office (Public Organization) or BEDO sells products from biological resources, including food and beverages, health products, personal care products, and skin care products and equipment.


There are also high-quality agricultural products from Fish Bridge, Organization Rubber Authority of Thailand, Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP), and National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards for sale at the event as well. There are many activities at the event, such as business negotiations both offline and online to increase channels and expand the market for entrepreneurs and farmers, product demonstration, discussions about silk, mini concert, and promotion period selling special products.

This event is scheduled to be held between 11-15 August 2023 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Thailand Best Agricultural Showroom, Kamphaeng Phet Road, before the Si Rat Expressway, located in the vicinity of the ORTORKOR Market, Chatuchak district, Bangkok,Thailand. 

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