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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Thailand Should Not Talibanize its Past

The mysterious removal of 1932 Revolution Plaque has opened up a Pandora’s box. The news about the removal of the brass plaque – marking the spot where the revolt which ended absolute monarchy in 1932 began with a declaration – led to debate. Not just over the merit of the historical object itself but over a re-assessment and rediscovery – particularly among younger Thais – of the Promoters, also known as People’s Party, or Khana Ratsadon, which overthrew absolute monarchy 85 years ago.

Note to Readers: Removal of An Article About a Palace Announcement

Khaosod English has deleted an April 18 article about a certain statement made by the royal palace.

Will Bangkok Prove Greater Than Those Who Would Remake it?

Walking through Thonglor in the heat of the day is a dreary experience, one few people have to endure as they drive by in cars, taxis or on motorcycle taxis.

Reconquering Our Collective Memory of Ayutthaya

Today, April 7, marks 250 years since the fall of the old capital of Ayutthaya. As a Thai, it’s a sober time of remembrance. After 417 years, the old capital was irreversibly sacked by Burmese invaders. A visit to Ayutthaya’s old ruins today harrowingly reminds Thais, myself included, of the ravages of war and sends us on a flight of imagining the glories of the old capital with its magnificent temples and palaces.

Unite to Defend Press Freedom Before It’s Too Late

Less than 12 hours after the suspension order of Voice TV for seven days for alleged biased reporting and causing divisions in society came into effect, I ran into one of its reporters by chance.

How ‘Are you Thai?’ Accuses and Deflects, Dangerously

If asked by a Thai who knows you are Thai whether you are actually Thai due to your political differences, expect something less than decent.

Why We Should Worry About WikiLeaks’ Latest and Thailand’s ‘Smart Cities’

But they are built, society must consider if it wants to live in a hyperconnected and digitally vulnerable future.

The Death of Yuwadee and Rise of Sing-Along Journalism

The death of Thailand’s longest-serving government reporter was a loss to Thai journalism and a reminder of the challenges ahead.

A Reception with Vasan Sitthiket

One good thing about diplomatic receptions, besides nice drinks and canapes, is the bringing of unlike-minded invitees together. Nevertheless, you are not forced to...

Gender Equality, A Game Changer For Nature

By Aban Marker Kabraji International Union for Consevation of Nature, Asia In Fiyoaree, Maldives, Leena wakes up every day just a little before sunrise for her...

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