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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Junta’s ‘Social Contr­act,’ The Empty Offer We Can’t Refuse

What should we make o­f the junta-sponsored­ forums held this past w­eek across Th­ailand to introduce a­nd solicit feedback ­on its 10-p­oint draft “social...

Net Censorship Undermines Opportunities of ‘Thailand 4.0’

ith the threat of a single gateway still looming over the heads of netizens, the recent dust-up over limiting access to Facebook content deemed inappropriate by the government, a future internet chock-full of stringent government controls still seems an inevitable reality.

Myanmar Propaganda? Army Takes Media on Reporting Trip

KYAR GAUNG TAUNG, Myanmar — Myanmar's military has a big public relations problem: It stands accused of committing genocide.

From Alien Workers to Workers from Neighboring Countries

It was chaos, confusion and pain for millions of migrant workers from neighboring countries, chiefly Myanmar, after much harsher penalties under the new Decree on Managing the Work of Aliens – passed by the junta-appointed rubber-stamp parliament – came to effect on June 23 with fines ranging 400,000 to 800,000 bahts.

Bangkok Observatory: Pillar of Pride or Towering Corruption?

Towering at 459 meters above the western bank of the Chao Phraya River will rise a new landmark, the Bangkok observatory tower. Expected to be among the world’s 10 tallest structures, and certainly the tallest in Thailand, it is meant to become the new pride of Bangkokians, Thais and an object of marvel for the throng of tourists.

Tailor-made Repression and Unyielding Spirit

In a world of targeted advertisements and surgical strikes, the Thai military junta is apt at tailor-made suppression of its opponents.

Land Can Now Be Transferred to a Company Tax-Free

If you own land and wish to transfer it to a company to pay for your shares in that company, you now do not have to pay personal income tax on the price of land received, according to a set of new laws – the latest of which was issued earlier this month.
This image means something was changed that we are not allowed to disclose.

85 Years of Conflicted Memories Over June 24

Saturday was June 24 again. The powers that be don’t want Thais to remember the historical significance of the day. In April, the bronze plaque...

Election Commission’s ‘Set Zero’ Cannot Reset Legitimacy

It was payback time. Thais called it “set zero” or reset. Starting afresh. Many were instantly gratified when the much-hated Election Commissioners were removed in a vote by the National Legislative Assembly last week.

Sex, Death and Preaw: Unwinding the ‘Murder Babes’ Phenomenon

Sexy girls, drugs and a gruesome murder – a potent cocktail for tabloid media. The murder of 22-year-old Warissara Klinjui, whose dismembered body was cut in two and found last month on May 25, was the stuff of a horror movie.

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