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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gender Equality, A Game Changer For Nature

By Aban Marker Kabraji International Union for Consevation of Nature, Asia In Fiyoaree, Maldives, Leena wakes up every day just a little before sunrise for her...

Article 44 as Strong Medicine and Its Side Effects

Inadvertently, absolute power under Article 44 of the provisional junta constitution has become controversial again after it was used against Wat Dhammakaya.

Goodman vs. Badman IV: Clash of the Thaitans

For Thais, following the ongoing police-military blockade of Wat Dhammakaya by the regime is like watching a movie unfold. The problem is two competing sagas are unspooling in tandem, depending on your political and religious predispositions.

How to Live Under Military Rule? Yue Paen Do it!

Arriving to interview TV host Nattakorn Devakula earlier this week about the suspension of his Voice TV news discussion show, I was ushered into a waiting room where another TV host was preparing for his program.

Sex, Politics and Intolerance. Or, Am I Gay?

Advancement, or at a minimum, tolerance for LGBT rights would go a long way to advancing democracy. Tolerance, if not the full embrace of different gender identities, can foster political tolerance if not acceptance of differing views and ideologies.

Are You Qualified to Practice Journalism in Juntaland?

JUNTALAND — After the righteous Media Reform Bill was passed in 2017 to guarantee press freedoms, abuses by scribes unsympathetic with the selfless efforts of their rightful and selfless government became a thing of the past.

Junta Thanks Compliant Thai Media With Gift – a Muzzle

After nearly three years of serving as unpaid junta apologists, many Thai media outlets this week had a very rude awakening. The junta’s appointed National Reform Steering Assembly wants every media professional – journalist, TV host, radio voice – to have to earn a license. They also want top bureaucrats to sit on a national media council for further regulations, or restrictions, depending on one’s point of view.

Thai Official Who Stole Hotel Paintings Freed by Japanese

BANGKOK — Japanese authorities on Friday freed a Thai bureaucrat who was arrested for stealing three paintings from a hotel he was staying in Kyoto, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

Thailand Sans Politicians

To state that some Thais have lost faith in politicians and the democratic system is an understatement. The word “politicians” has for them become a pejorative. Unless your parents were politicians, to say you want to grow up and become one is like saying you want to become a con man or a charlatan.

Prayuth is Thailand’s Very Own ‘Bridge to Nowhere’

You’re a coup leader, a military dictator. What can you do to improve your image?

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