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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A New Year’s Contemplation

Some will observe New Year recovering from hangovers. Their passage of time marked by the fact that all they can recall is blurry due to intoxication, alcohol or not.

The Good, Bad & Ugly of the Computer Crime Act, in Detail

After the Computer Crime Act was passed Dec. 16 by unanimous vote despite a last-minute petition of more than 300,000 opposing the law and much-hated Single Gateway program, all eyes are now on the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, or DE Ministry, to see how it exercises its new great powers.

Where to Start 2017 Dancing in Bangkok

With 2017 around the corner, Bangkok city is preparing to welcome the new year with something for everyone. Events will go off all over town, and you’ll find something exciting to dance to in every corner of the city.

Risk Gave Us Democracy. Thailand’s Dictatorship Survives on Fear.

Today’s Riddle: Last week, more than 360,000 netizens petitioned against the junta-sponsored Computer Crime Act for fear that it will lead to greater censorship and...

Where Blockchain Breaks Free, Thailand’s PromptPay Shackles

The disconnect between the hype and reality of Thailand’s world-class bureaucracy hit new lows Friday when telecom DTAC, the new Digital Economy and Society Ministry, and our friends at The Nation hosted a talk on cryptocurrency and the blockchain revolution.

Thailand’s Aerobic Dictatorship

Dictatorship is about control. They control you through propaganda and fear. Dictatorship is most effective when it makes you obey without questioning its lack of legitimacy.

The State of Migration in Thailand

She cleans your house, sews your clothes and cooks your food. He catches the fish you eat, builds the house you live in and polishes the shoes you wear. These labor intensive occupations are often the vocation of one group of people – migrants.

Go Paperless, Live the Change, Be the Social Contract

Today is Constitution Day. To many it means just another day off work despite the fact that for two decades after the 1932 revolt, it was celebrated with a festival that two years later even added a beauty pageant.

Slide, Grind Through Thai Skate Co. Preduce’s New Feature

As a child in the ‘80s, I would vent my anger and frustration with the family warfare going on at home skateboarding with my friends. Like most kids from that era, we got into it watching cats like Tony Hawk hot dog around Southern California in Powell Peralta’s “Public Domain” (1988) and other videos. The skating skills were impressive but what really took a hold of our lives was skateboard culture.

Watching Our Neighbors Suffer – in Silence

What is happening in Myanmar’s Rakhine state to the Rohingya people is nothing short of abject failure by many Burmese who regarded themselves as Buddhists to be compassionate. Buddhism preaches tolerance, not the opposite. Wrongly clinging to one’s ethnicity, nationality, religion or the past can tragically make us regard others as less than human and undeserving of empathy, not to mention equal rights.

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