#FacebookDown? #IGDown? Thai Net Loses Will to Live.

Image: @lhRD6PMWP0uop76 / Twitter
Image: @lhRD6PMWP0uop76 / Twitter

BANGKOK — Oh, TFW every itching millisecond wait to share a great picture with the world is replaced with a horrifying realization – the world has ceased to exist.

No posts, no likes, no shares – that was the case for roughly 12 hours overnight on Thailand’s favorite social media platforms. Twitter use exploded with complaints and laments as Thais coped with the painful loss caused by the severe global outage to hit the two services, which was the subject of all top five trending Thai hashtags this morning.

“Woke up in the morning hoping I would now be able to access IG and Facebook because they wouldn’t go down that long, right? But damn it it’s already 7:30am and I still can’t get into them. So bad I’m speechless,” @Hcokarokw tweeted with photos of a despondent child and crying cat.


“Okay, I can wait. I’m not going through withdrawal, okay?” @5mEaq wrote with an image of a sad Mario Maurer in a current soap opera being comforted by a friend.

While Thailand has some of Facebook’s most active users in the world, it felt the sting of losing Instagram more as #IGDown topped #FacebookDown to become the No.1 hashtag last night. They remained at No. 1 and 3 respectively as of Thursday morning.

“I’m alright with Facebook going down because I barely use it. When IG is down, I’m like, if you’re gone, my heart is also gone. How can I breathe if my life is without you? … I’m gonna cry,” @NapaschanokU wrote, quoting a song from the famous Thai drama “Nakee.” The tweet was accompanied by a collage of male characters from several Korean dramas crying.

“My life suddenly blank out,” @CalvinBayard tweeted with images of a cartoon bear in from “We Bare Bears” staring blankly.

Some hailed Twitter for being the last platform standing they could turn to.

“Stand alone!” @Btstaetae_s tweeted with that stand-in for all things enduring, the indestructible balloon.

“The survivors are Line and Twitter. I’m still okay,” @lhRD6PMWP0uop76 tweeted.

Facebook has yet to identify the cause of the service disruption but has denied it was the work of hackers.