Chip ‘N’ Dale’s Thai Song Paddles Into Nation’s Ears

Chip ‘n’ Dale are two brothers, selling stuff in the khlong. Image: Mickey Mouse / YouTube
Chip ‘n’ Dale are two brothers, selling stuff in the khlong. Image: Mickey Mouse / YouTube

BANGKOK — A song about selling nuts sung in Thai by Chip ‘n’ Dale in a Mickey Mouse cartoon has become the nation’s latest earworm.

In the Disney short “Our Floating Dreams” released on June 22, Mickey and Minnie Mouse fight in Thai for a spot to hawk their wares at a floating market. Mickey sells pineapples and Minnie fried rice until (SPOILER ALERT!) they decide to sell pineapple fried together. Enter chipmunk brothers Chip ‘n’ Dale, who paddle into the floating market with a stock of nuts. The short has already clocked more than 4.5 million views.

“Chip and Dale are brothers, selling stuff in the khlong. There’s only good nuts in the pile, freshly picked. Come eat them all!” (ชิพกะเดล นี่สองพี่น้อง ขายของในคลอง ในกองเรามีแต่ถั่วดีๆ เพิ่งเด็ดสดๆ มากินให้หมด) the pair sing in Thai at the 1:46 mark.


The simple lyrics have turned into an unshakeable earworm for Thais, spawning remakes, memes, hour-long loops, and shitposts.

Political cartoon page Kai Maew drew a satirical cartoon modeling Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha and his brother Gen. Preecha Chan-ocha on the chipmunk brothers. But Preecha is depicted as a photo, rather than physically present – a jab at his reputation for collecting government salaries despite not showing up to meetings.

Followers responded by penning new lyrics for the song with a political twist: “Tuu [Prayuth] and Pom [Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan] are brothers, backing down into a khlong. In the pile they’ve got all these taxes, freshly picked. How depressing!” wrote user Kherkpon Phayakka.

Meanwhile the song spawned a live-action remake posted Tuesday noon on the Plangsia Facebook page. The admin sings the song while riding in a boat on a floating market.

Satire page Aunnism even wrote an entire mock essay suggesting that the pineapple vs. fried rice fight represents tension between Western and Eastern values, while Chip ‘n’ Dale’s cooperation signifies Thai culture and cooperation to create a “floating dream” for the nation…and so on and so forth cultural studies mumbo-jumbo.

“Everywhere I go, I see his face,” says Spiderman in the meme of the same name. But instead of looking at the deceased Iron Man, he’s singing Chip ‘n’ Dale’s song.

In another shitpost, the Quality Posting page replaced the song’s audio with “Long Rua Dood Maa,” a song about taking drugs on a boat.

“Teacher: The five senses are sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch.
Me: I can hear this picture.
Teacher: No one can do that.
Me: I can hear the entire song.”

A one-hour loop of Chip ‘n’ Dale’s short song made by YouTube user BNK48Lyrics has been viewed more than 740,000 times since Friday.


Disney seems to be making an effort to incorporate Thai culture into its cartoons. “Our Floating Heels” comes hot on the heels of its release of “Amphibia” in early June, a series which stars a Thai-American girl as its lead.

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